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The Outsiders: A Comprehension Guide for Students

Fun Educational Sites
About the Author: S.E. Hinton
The Greasers
The Socs
Fun Educational Sites

It's your lucky day! Here is a list of 10 fun educational sites for you to preview on your own at home. Enjoy!

Personal computer system


This is a great site for fun, educational games. Check out the math baseball game!


fun facts, activities, online polls, brainteasers, study skill tips, interesting articles, movie clips


AWESOME SITE! Information on the latest books, authors, and teen issues. Contains a newsletter, book reviews, and tips on how to start your own book club!


Do you want to help create a positive school climate at Carusi? Then, check out this site. This organization helps teachers, students, and parents create communities that value diversity.

Reading Quest

This site has some really great information reading strategies to help you in other subjects, like social studies or science.


This site has great games, activities, and information for math, science, language arts, and social studies.

Homework Help

Need some help with homework? Check out this 17 year olds website. He has formed a collection of over 700 websites that will give you some help with those tough homework assignments!

Puzzle Maker

Want to create your own word searches, crossword puzzles, and cryptograms? Check out this site!

Space Place

A TERRIFIC site to learn more about space, earth, and the atmosphere. Has lots of great games, activities, animations, and fun facts.

Dr. Math

Have a math question? Ask DR. MATH!

This site is maintained by Miss Christine Molloy, Carusi Middle School

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