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The Outsiders: A Comprehension Guide for Students

The Greasers

About the Author: S.E. Hinton
The Greasers
The Socs
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The Greasers are a lower-class group of Oklahoma youths who call themselves Greasers because of their greasy long hair. Many of the Greasers come from broken homes and consider this group of boys their "family." The Greasers are often invloved in verbal and physical conflicts with their rival gang, the Socs.


Ponyboy Curtis - 14 year old narrator and protagonist, youngest Greaser, struggles with many social issues that he observes and goes through during the novel, lives with his brothers - Darry and Sodapop
Darry Curtis - oldest brother raising Ponyboy, athletic, strong, intelligent, hard-working, nickname is "Superman
Sodapop Curtis - happy-go-lucky brother, very handsome, loves Ponyboy very much
Johnny Cade - 16 years old, puppy-dog eyes, fearful at times, has abusive, alcoholic parents, sees Greasers as his "family", loves and idolizes Dally
Dally Winston - toughest Greaser, been in trouble with the law many times, takes pride in his violent behavior, protects Johnny and treats him like his younger brother
Steve Randle - Sodapop's best friend, cocky and intelligent, sees Ponyboy as Sodapop's young annoying brother
Two-Bit Matthews - joker of the Greasers, shoplifts, likes to instigate the Socs

Ponyboy & Johnny

Ponyboy reading the letter from Johnny

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